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PM and opposition leader discuss caretaker set-up

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and opposition leader in the National Assembly, Syed Khursheed Shah, held on Wednesday the third round of consultations on the name of the interim prime minister and decided to continue consultations to finalize the organization of the caregiver in mid-May.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader discussed various options for configuring the caregiver. The prime minister shared the opinion of the government and its allies with the opposition leader. Khursheed Shah also introduced two names to the prime minister.

Khursheed Shah told the Prime Minister that the outgoing PML-N government has no right to present the budget for the entire next financial year. Following the meeting with the Prime Minister, Khursheed Shah met with PTI leader Shah Mehmood Qureshi in the chambers of parliament. Khursheed Shah relied on Shah Mehmood Qureshi for his meeting with the Prime Minister. He announced that the opposition should start to finalize their names for the position of the interim PM.

The meeting was also attended by Visited Shireen Mazari and Syed Naveed Qamar. After meeting with Shah Mehmood, the opposition leader said he and the prime minister had held a one-hour meeting. He said they had not yet consulted their allies on the appointment of an interim prime minister.

The Prime Minister said he would suggest a name for the interim Prime Minister after leading his allies on board. I also said that the opposition also propose a name after the query, “he added, adding that the name can be finalized before. sixteen

Khursheed Shah said the prime minister was proposed to dissolve the National Assembly just one day before the end of his term and hold the elections in 90 days. “But if the government fulfills its mandate, elections must take place within 60 days,” he said. He said, however, that the prime minister did not agree with his proposal.

“I suggested that the PML-N present the budget for the next four months only to meet the needs of the intermediate configuration and give the new government the opportunity to present their own budget,” he said.

Sources said the message was that the preference of some political stalwarts would be given, while the esteemed former head of justice would be the second option to designate PM. In any way, technocrats would not be considered for the sublime slot machine.

The sources hinted that former CJP Tassadaq Hussain Syed Jilani, former President Mian Raza Rabbani Senate and Shamshad Akhtar’s renowned bankers are among the top favorites for the post of interim prime minister.

The sources said Khursheed Shah would also consult with the PPP leaders before holding a final round of talks with the PM. Political observers believe that as the leaders of PPP and PTI have already developed an unannounced understanding of the future course of action, Abbasi and Shah are unlikely to reach consensus. The matter could go to the ECP after the failure of the parliamentary committee spokesman Sardar Ayaz Sadiq National Assembly would consist with the same number of members of the department in the house.

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