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The rebuilding of Pakistan – a thought at best!

Pakistan’s like-minded Technocrats, appear thunderstruck with realities on the ground and ‘the Charge of the light Brigade’! They have a solution though, if only somebody would very kindly listen.

“The Charge of the Light Brigade’ is that of the politicians who are mired in corruption, nepotism, looting and plundering of the nation’s wealth and yet, something more serious cannot, be ignored. We understand that treason may be being committed. Our troops are on the international border, an enemy spy is caught red handed in terrorist activities, our civilians are being shelled and killed by enemy artillery fire and yet ‘our’ former Prime Minister (who still considers himself in office considering the protocol accorded to him), invites that nation’s Prime Minister to his house at Jati Umra to attend his grand-daughter’s wedding. A warm embrace as if nothing has happened, while troops face each other eyeball to eyeball on the International border. The Prime Minister (more of the ‘Mughal Emperor’), invites an Indian businessman to his residence in Murree to do business? What more evidence is required? Then he has the audacity, to ask the nation as to why he was sacked?

The same corrupt faces have been around for the last 40 years. They need to be tried and if found guilty, held responsible for having betrayed the country and having handed it over to other countries to run our buses, trains and planes. The Turkish and Korean buses (as if we do not have our own buses made in Pakistan such as by Hinopak). The Chinese locomotives and coaches (when we had a railway coach rebuild and locomotive overhauling workshop at the Lahore Railway Station). A German Managing Director who sold a PIA plane for peanuts! What happened to all our technocrats? Turkish Al-Bayrak buses and taxis. What happened to the first Pakistani car manufactured in Pakistan and inaugurated by Shaukat Aziz in Karachi? What happened to Pakistani entrepreneurs or is it just because cuts and percentages are worked out when Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari are abroad? Nothing in writing albeit, all said and done at liberty, on mobiles, meetings and discussions or at the behest of their own people who are running institutions? Do Pakistani products not matter at all? The reason then, for the lack of industrial growth.

On one side we are given the impression that institutions failed under the military regimes  of  Ayub Khan  (his  industrial and agricultural reforms), Zia and Musharraf?

On the other hand, we sing praises of political governments providing money to the poor   through  the  Benazir Income Support Program. It is an open secret that we all

keep getting messages on our mobiles that they need our CNIC numbers to support this program? Where is the money going and who is it going to? Do we not have enough proof of the ongoing loot and plunder of the nation’s wealth? Do we still require more proof?

I believe all institutions came into proper order during different military regimes and were profit bearing units. PIA, Pakistan Railways, Pakistan Steel Mills, WAPDA etc were run perfectly. History tells us that problems started sadly, whenever political governments and politicians were inducted later. They filled up these institutions with their party workers. Most of them are illiterate and ignorant about the work to be performed by them, while the literate and experienced class are being ignored. These party workers are the real nuisance and tear apart the infrastructure of such institutions. We all understand the associated reasons of absences and work delays by inefficient people in wrongly placed jobs.

How come the same bureaucracy performed so well under such regimes? Big names came out of people who were appointed secretaries who had outstanding performances. Who were the actual bosses? The Bureaucrats or the Technocrats who were carefully selected, monitored and put in place as Ministers. Where did Sobur Khan, Shoaib (Ayub’s wizard Finance Minister), Bhutto (who destroyed himself later as a politician), Ishaq Khan, Shaukat Aziz (not to say I support him as a technocrat), Javed Jabbar and the others come from? How were they carefully selected and groomed for the positions they held? That is part of a role in leadership.

I am not supporting the military here. Do not get me wrong. It’s mainly a question of selecting the right people for the right job. A disciplined order put in place. That’s all.

Personally, I do not believe Imran Khan will fare any better. Thanks to the people that surround him. The same faces who are jostling for ministerial positions. Everybody wants to become a leader. I believe Imran Khan is blowing with the wind. The wind may blow him away. The very company, he keeps with politicians. The Sheikh Rashids, the Shah Mahmood Qureshis, the Kasuris. The same old faces that we have seen over the last 40 years. Now in a different garb. If things were better in KPK, the honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan would not have found faults, as he  rightly did. Imran Khan had an excellent chance to perform there and failed the people of KPK. I predict he will fail Pakistan too.

The answer does lie somewhere. Get a good bunch of hardened technocrats together, people who have proven themselves in running organizations over years of experience and get the job done within the next 4 years.

Full marks to the honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan and the Justices of the Supreme Court for working day and night to put this country back on the road somehow, within the framework of the law and the Constitution of Pakistan.

Finally, I hope that the honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan may consider the situation precarious. He may think that within the framework of the constitution an emergency may be declared owing to the disastrous economic downturn, where the dollar is now at Rs 117/=.  A situation which has put the country into an internal and external debt. Look at the economy, it’s in the doldrums. Surely, this can be resolved under provisions of the Constitution.  There’s a lot that can be done. We just need the right professional and legal advice to put things in order before it’s too late.

This time however, they must not let the politicians in. Please do it through the technocrats who wield experience. Not those who just hold degrees and are somebody’s relatives (as performed constantly by politicians). Let’s hope and pray that somebody will listen and help put the country back on its rails of progress.

Then, we will once more be able to hold our heads up before the comity of nations of the world and say, we did it too!

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Arshad Husain
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  1. Pakistani Nation is brave nation We face many problems and still facing but IN SHA ALLAH we will unite one day and become more strong nation.

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