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Irrfan Khan’s spokesman responds to rumors that he has cancer

Last month, Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan broke the news of his “rare illness,” which caused a storm in social networks. Shortly thereafter, he revealed that he is suffering from a neuroendocrine tumor and that he will travel to the United Kingdom for treatment.

However, rumors that Irrfan is in the final stages of cancer were re-socialized this week. It has been reported that the star Hindi medium is only one month old. Fortunately, the rumors are wrong and Irrfan’s spokesman has asked people to stop spreading such stories, the Hindustan Times reported.

Following reports of his deteriorating health, the Irrfan representative has asked fans and the media not to treat “social network status” as health updates.

The spokesperson said, “This latest round of news that has been circulating on Irrfan’s health over social networks over the past few days is absolutely wrong and there is nothing true at all.”

He continued, “We, as family and friends, once again ask media representatives to continue their support and the prayers that Irrfan has come up with, but it is not right to spread rumors about social media – no verification of data or any official endorsement while we ask everyone to refrain from viewing social networking states as positive developments in one’s health. ”

According to his wife, Sutapa Sikdar, Irrfan faces the disease as a “warrior.” She took Facebook with her to share her feelings, thanked the supporters for their support and, like Irrfan, called on people not to speculate about their condition.

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